In an interview published on HolaBrief’s blog. Douglas Davis, author of the book ‘Creative Strategy and the Business of Design’, used nudenotes spreads to communicate his mission “to make sure every creative professional understands the language of business.”

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Fabian Geyhalter, author of the book ‘Bigger Than This’ uses the nudenotes as a preview before purchasing his book. These nudenotes are available from his books website as a completely free downloadable PDF.

David Brier author of the book ‘Brand Intervention’ loved the nudenotes made on his book so much that he got in touch to make an youtube video interview about the process of making this series of nudenotes.

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To have nudenotes featured on the Instagram feed of our favourite design resource on the internet, was one of the highlights of the first year of sharing nudenotes. Hopefully it will not be the last collaboration!

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It’s time to put the ‘Insta’ back into Insta-gram. Grab a notebook and a couple of pens, and start making notes - Join the #nudenotes revolution.

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#SketchnoteCookbook is one of the on going series of nudenotes. In which we use nudenotes to learn new recipes and cooking techniques.

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of everything in the world of nudenotes.
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#booknotes is another on going series of nudenotes. In which we convert our favourite books into notes to share and retain more information. Read more here.



Feel free to download the work sheets below to make your own notes on notes.

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Why Some Designers are more valuable than others

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