The #nudenotes Revolution

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Many of you may be asking yourselves What the hell are nudenotes?
Simply put, nudenotes are a form of sketchnotes.

What the hell are sketchnotes, then?
Sketchnotes are the synergy of drawings and writing into a single piece of visual communication.

Their goal is to better engage your brain with the content you’re consuming - since your brain is using both the creative and logical parts of your mind, learning this way improves the retention of the information.

As an added bonus, you get an awesome-looking piece of reference material.

The name ‘nudenotes’ came from a chat I was having with an old friend from university when I first started sharing the notes to Instagram.

We were talking about the pros and cons of digital and analogue note-taking, and it made me realise that nothing quite beats the tactile mess and raw energy of making notes by hand with a real pen and notebook.

They are unedited, unfiltered and raw.

A true ‘warts-and-all’ look at the process of learning and growth, laid bare for all to see.

The unedited style, with all the mistakes, creased pages, ink smudges and spelling errors (of which I am sure there are hundreds) - all of that ‘real’ process, which seems to have been forgotten in this highly polished, shiny, digital age.

The art of nudenotes is not about creating the perfect piece of graphic design.

All those imperfections are what make your notes unique to you. That’s the good stuff!

It doesn’t matter about your level of skill with drawing or words. What matters is that you understand your notes!

The ability to share them with others is just an added extra.

If you really look at my notes, they are full of spelling errors, bad grammar and rough doodles.

But if you focus on making nudenotes work for you, clarity and legibility will come… eventually.

Here is a flick through video of my first nudenote journal, from when I just started posting my notes on Instagram.

You can see how my style develops and changes over time.

It’s all about the process…

The process of learning - taking in information, processing and outputting onto paper in a way that resonates with you.

Speaking to you in your words and illustrations.

You are taking a normal logical - dare I say, boring - process of learning, and transforming it into something more creative and fun.

Perfection is boring and time-consuming.

Don’t bother chasing that ever-elusive Instagram-perfect photo.

It’s time to put the ‘Insta’ back into Insta-gram. Grab a notebook and a couple of pens, and start making notes!

Join the #nudenotes revolution.

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