This week in #nudenotes: 02 June 2019

Kick-starting this week’s retrospective, here are some inspirational Sketch Quotes, to help you to push past that Monday feeling.


9 Inspirational Lessons from Steve Jobs, based on an infographic from Pinterest

What lessons can we learn from Steve Jobs about business, innovation and design?

No matter what opinion you have about Steve Jobs and Apple, you can’t deny that Steve Jobs was a visionary in business and design.

In these notes, I explore what lessons we can take from his work and processes, there’s a few nuggets of gold that I know will be useful.


This week’s recap notes: 7 Ways to Be a More Put-Together Person: making your life seamless and less chaotic, inspired by content from

Plan, Routines, Signature Style, Keep in Contact, The Details, Neat Home and Believe it.

I absolutely love this, it really appeals to the super-organised aspect of my personality.

There’s always room for a little improvement, though. Next stop... complete put-together-ness!


This week's #booknotes, part 23 of my notes on Creative Strategy and the Business of Design by Douglas Davis

How to survive as a creative person, or how to take a punch in the face!

Here are seven career tips by Ron Berger, in his contributing chapter in this book — hopefully they’ll help you as they have me.

As Douglas says:

"There will always be someone who works cheaper and knows Photoshop better,
so to stay relevant you must become strategic"

As a packaging designer, I’m constantly on the look-out for ways to leverage strategy in my designs and process to ensure the best possibility of a successful design.

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky, but it’s always worth it!

Buy Creative Strategy and the Business of Design here.


nudenotes 101

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I don't waste time on what pens and paper to use, there are plenty of other blogs on that. In my opinion, in the end, it doesn't really matter!

This blog focuses on developing the skills and creative mindset you need so you can improve, and make awesome notes.


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