This week in #nudenotes: 27 May 2019

Kick-starting this week’s retrospective, here are some inspirational Sketch Quotes, to help you to push past that Monday feeling.


8 Secrets for Mastering Time Management, based on an infographic from Everwise

Struggling to manage your time at work?

In the end, time is the only currency that matters.

You can't find more time in the day, but you can learn how to use your time more effective.

As projects, emails, meetings and phone calls all begin piling up, it can easily become overwhelming, and a form of work ‘paralysis’ can kick in, stopping you from doing anything productive.

When I start to feel this, I think about this list, often just doing one or two of these things can help you get back into the flow again.

Do you have any other time management secrets?


This week’s recap notes: How To Look Confident... Even When You Are Not, inspired by an infographic in a article.

According to countless studies, appearing confident can help us get better in our careers, social lives, and even be more attractive in photos!

All creative people struggle with confidence at different times.

It’s part of doing work in a sometimes subjective area.

The best policy is to be open, willing to share and receive feedback, thus improving the design and ourselves.


This week's #booknotes, part 22 of my notes on Creative Strategy and the Business of Design by Douglas Davis

Hate it when you get vague feedback on your work?

It can be exhausting to interpreting the feedback you get on your creative work.

It can lead to ‘scope creep’ (where the scope, or brief, of a design, creeps into a larger project), endless revisions or, worst of all, starting completely from scratch.

Keep your feedback objective to ensure you give the right solution to the right problem.

Link it back to the Creative Strategy Framework from my previous notes, and you’ll be onto a sure winner!

Buy Creative Strategy and the Business of Design here.


How Often to Clean Everything Checklist, inspired by an article on Good Housekeeping 

Do you hate housework, but love the satisfaction of ticking off tasks on a checklist?

Check this out.

It's the end of the weekend, it's raining.

It's chore time.

After watching the latest episode of Patriot Act on Netflix, obviously.

Hopefully, this checklist will help me focus and speed through it all before lunchtime!

That was this week in nudenotes - come back next Sunday for another recap post.

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