This week in #nudenotes: 22 April 2019

Kick-starting this week’s retrospective, here are some inspirational Sketch Quotes, to help you to push past that Monday feeling.


Do you know a Tulley from a Tyrell?

No? Well, may the luck of the seven gods be with you.

Here are sketchnotes of the eight major houses in Game of Thrones, in celebration of episode 2 of the final series.

Hopefully, they’ll help you navigate their strange, interconnecting family trees.

There are some cool Easter eggs in here, for example, Olenna Tyrell was not born a Tyrell, she was a Redwyne, and Oberyn Martell has eight bastard sand snake daughters!

Stay tuned for more for more GoT nudenotes next week.

Valar Morghulis!


7 reasons why you ' Always Leave the Office on Time'

Do you always leave work on time?

Creative professionals always talk about work/life balance. It seems like this mythical, seemingly unachievable goal.

But is this the best way to look at this?

For me, these two things are not opposite ends of a scale.

They are more like overlapping circles, the best stuff happens in the overlap.

This is where we, as creatives, discover our best selves - learning new skills and ways of thinking, which may or may not be linked to our 9-to-5 job.

Then you can weave it all together to enrich and empower your creativity in new exciting ways.


This week’s recap notes: The Iceberg of Culture: Assessing The Need For Change from

“Organisations must find ways to change and adapt to the changing needs of their stakeholders in order to maintain high performance.
Organisational culture change at any scale can be challenging. And in order to overcome challenges like these, we often have to start diving into the depths the organisation and figure out what is truly driving the culture.”

Company culture is a tricky thing to build and maintain. It’s really interesting to understand more behind the visible stuff.

We all hate the phrase "that is the way we have always done it", right? So here’s some reasons why, and how, you can avoid it.


This week's #booknotes, part 17 of my notes on Creative Strategy and the Business of Design by Douglas Davis

This week features more on what should be included in a creative brief.

Of this section, I particularly loved reading about the four fundamental elements of the briefing process:
1. Communicate objectives
2. Brand Essence
3. Consumer Profile
4. Consumers relationship with the brand

How hard can it be right? Very.

But it will be worth it... Strive for the synergy between strategy and creativity, it it the most reliable way to greatness.

To do this, you must have a deep understanding of these four fundamental principles and communicate them clearly.

Buy Creative Strategy and the Business of Design here.


In celebration of the latest Marvel movie, Avengers Endgame. Of course, we at NSC watched it as soon as it came out! Everyone needs to watch it!

Here’s my 'Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline', featuring all of the movies and TV series I could fit in, plus some of my favourite quotes and icons from them.

I’ve tried to keep it in a loose chronological order, so hopefully it should help any MCU newbies work out which order to watch them in.

I can't believe it’s been over 10 years since Robert Downey Junior spoke those famous words "I am Iron Man"!

What a crazy journey it’s been over 22 movies. Plus, Endgame perfectly rounds up the infinity stone story line. I can't wait to see what comes next!

No doubt there will be lots more Marvel nudenotes for you all to enjoy soon.

Excelsior! And RIP, Stan.


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