This week in #nudenotes: 12 Nov 2018

Kick-starting this new weekly digest, here’s some inspirational Sketch Quotes. Helping you get past that Monday feeling.

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‘7 Ways to be a more Put-Together Person and make life more seamless and less chaotic’ from

Plan, Routines, Signature Style, Keep in Contact, The Details, Neat Home and Believe it.
These are the seven principles to make anyone win at life, based on the idea that we are all aiming to reach that flawless Truman Show-like existence. Well, maybe not everyone, but these principles really appeal to my super-organised personality. There is always room for a little improvement though!


This week’s recap notes: Real Branding
Inspired by a quote from business guru Tom Peters. It’s imperative for branding to be ‘real’, not fake, and not just pandering to the masses.


#booknotes on ‘Creative Strategy and the Business of Design' by @dquejuan

This is part three of an ongoing project of mine, with more business definitions this time. I’ve recently been fascinated by Douglas’ perspective on features and benefits. Understanding these concepts and their differences are important weapons for designers, marketers and sales people, improving your ability to truly connect with your clients and consumers.

Stay tuned for more nudenotes on this in the future!

Remember everyone... "Features tell. Benefits sell."


'3 Things To Do Before You Design Anything' by @matthewencina 

Another Sunday morning of tea and nudenotes. I love learning anything that will make my design process more efficient. These three things will help me waste less time and be more focused in my own design work.

I can't wait to use them. Bring on the next project!


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