This week in #nudenotes: 16 Feb 2019

Kick-starting this week’s retrospective, here are some inspirational Sketch Quotes, to help you to push past that Monday feeling.

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How To: Deal With a Heavy Workload by Catherine’s Career Corner

We’ve all been there, right?

Too many tasks, not enough time to do them, and even more tasks on the way.

Constant heavy workloads can be more than just stressful; they can effect your mental and physical health, both in and outside of work.

The key to job satisfaction is workload management.

Many employees and managers can't (or won't) understand this. 

However, I hope that these handy tips will help you see how to manage your workload better so you can be a happier creative professional!


This week’s recap notes: Rik Mayall’s Mantras For Life
Based on the graduation speech by Rik Mayall after he was awarded his honorary doctorate at Exeter University in 2008.

RIP Rik Mayall.

He will always be one of my favourite comedy actors - both Tassia and I love him in Bottom, Young Ones and Man Down - we actually have these mantras framed in our house, right by the front door, to keep us motivated.

They’re inspirational words to live by, for people from all walks of life.

I thoroughly recommend watching the video whenever you need a bit of a push.

Never forget: Love is the answer.


Easy-Peasy Essential Marinades from

Taking a break from my usual design notes to make an entry in my Sketchnote Cookbook.

I love winter cooking, but I’m feeling ready for some summer BBQ action, so I’ve been seeking some more foodie inspiration.


A quick Saturday morning note on S.W.O.T analysis

This type of analysis can be used to unearth a unique niche in your category, and can be used for business, marketing campaign planning, and brand building.

But you can also use it in your personal life, to help develop your career.

I’m thinking of sharing more nudenotes like this, based on various brand, marketing and business analysis techniques, with lots of tips and tricks to help you get the most from them.

Stay tuned, and comment below with any hints and tips you’d like to see me turn into nudenotes.


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